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How do I get inspired?
Böde Kriszta

Someone asked me this week where all the new ideas were coming from. Is that all I have in my head? It might seem like a funny question at first, but it’s not. It is a very relevant topic for creatives. We call it inspiration.

Inspiration as a concept

Inspiration is a creative suggestion.

Inspiration for me is when an effect, which could be the creation of another intelligent being, a natural thing, a person, a situation, or a feeling, etc., together with my existing knowledge, prompts me to create something new. This is when innovation, novelty is created.

For me, the best inspiration comes from observation and reception: sensing and filtering through the online and offline world around me. It takes time, because if I’m constantly rushing around, working and managing my family, there’s simply no time…

That is why inspiration is a separate project, part of my weekly to do list.

To be inspired, I have to slow down to take the time I need. It takes time to reflect, and it takes time for it to crystallise in me and, in time, to become an innovation in my work.

What does inspiration look like for me in practice?

My favourite inspiration is observing nature and the people around me. Looking at photographs and already existing designers. I try to analyse them and find out what makes them different, what makes them special.

There are lots of great online platforms for inspiration, from various SM platforms (Insta, Pinterest) to collector sites (béhance, dribbble, awwwards). I choose two of them, strictly two, and do this by doing targeted searches or by looking at the posts of the designers I follow.

In addition, once a month I read the articles on web design, image design, brand building that I have previously saved for myself.

Inspiration is a real love project for me every week!

How do you get inspired? What do you do to maintain your capacity for constant renewal?

Dare to be different!

Kriszta from NovArt Stúdió

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