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NovArt Studio can help you gain a competitive advantage through a consistent brand identity and unique online presence, allowing you to lead a financially stable, professionally fulfilled, and energetic life.

Dare to be different!


Are you a conscious entrepreneur who refuses to settle for half-baked solutions?

Would you like to make the most of every opportunity that the online world has to offer to maximize your income?

Would you like to have an identity and online presence that fits your represented brand and also reaches your target audience in a way that maximizes your revenue?

Would you like to have a superb website that is unique, stands out from your competitors, and is effective in reaching your target audience?

You are in the right place because the team of NovArt Stúdió can help you achieve exactly that!

Our mission is to help you on your journey and make it easier and faster for you to achieve your goals!

We help ensure that:

Your business's logo and brand identity are in perfect harmony with the represented brand.

The webdesign is built around this identity, providing a fully self-consistent online presence.

The combination of branding and webdesign should have an exciting and stunning effect on your visitors.

Your website should not only be impressive, but also user-friendly and display well on all smart devices.

We use SEO techniques to make sure your website is loved by Google and other search engines.

We ensure that your website is as secure as possible.

Some of our portfolio

About Us

Kriszta Böde

UI/UX Designer and Webdesigner

Szabolcs Komáromi

Web Developer

Kriszta Böde

UI/UX Designer and Webdesigner

“Precision in planning, professional communication, and meticulous execution. These are the foundations for impressive solutions and stunning end results.”

Kriszta Böde
Szabolcs Komáromi

Szabolcs Komáromi

Web Developer

“Accurate needs assessment and a broad perspective, as well as systematic problem-solving, help to find the optimal solution.”

Why choose us?

Miért minket válassz?

Attention to detail

We place great emphasis on the preparation process, which lays the foundation for the success of websites. We always conduct market research and competitor analysis to create a brilliant website for you.

We value direct working relationships and communication

We provide continuous and direct communication throughout the entire process, as we handle the entire process from start to finish. You will receive comprehensive answers to all your questions.

Clarity and transparency

There are no hidden costs with us! Our offer always includes a detailed and accurate breakdown of every step of the process and its corresponding fee.

We provide unique branding and design

You won't get a website made from pre-made templates from us. We don't even use website builders (like Elementor) to create our designs. Each project starts from scratch and we develop a completely unique design that suits your business, and then we code it. We are advocates of clean coding!

We have expertise and continuous self-education

This is a rapidly changing industry, with constantly evolving software background, so continuous learning is essential. In addition, related fields such as PHP, JS, marketing, campaigns, advertising, SEO, and social media platforms are also part of our work.


Célom, hogy körvonalazzam azokat az alapismereteket, melyek segítenek neked abban, hogy milyen kérdéseket érdemes még a webdesign projekt legelején tisztázni.

Böde Kriszta

A sikeres márkaépítés egy hosszú távú folyamat, amely kellő időt és energiát igényel, de képes hosszú távon kiemelkedő eredményeket elérni, így emeli a vállalkozásod értékét.

Böde Kriszta

Az UI/UX design az ember és a technológia interakciójának megkönnyítésére fókuszáló tervezési folyamat: egyszerűbbé és élvezetesebbé teszi azt.

Böde Kriszta

Font -os font: Miért ilyen fontos a betűtípus? Azért, mert az arculati színeid után a második legfontosabb tényező abban, hogy a honlapodra látogató közönség hogyan dolgozza fel az eléje tárt tartalmat.

Böde Kriszta