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Creativity has always been a part of my life. Although I had a little zigzag before I got into the web design profession, as I worked as an economic manager for commercial, light industry, and agricultural companies for years. During the first Covid wave in 2020, I felt that a creative power was resting inside me, which I must definitely allow to express itself.

I accidentally found an excellent and comprehensive web designer course. Within this, I received training in software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Figma), logo and web design, WordPress and Woocommerce knowledge base, as well as HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JS coding.

I feel that I have found my place, and I have loved this profession from the very first moment!

In order to provide the most comprehensive and complex service to our clients, I have expanded my online marketing knowledge and have started to learn the dynamics of social media platforms.

SzI love the web design profession, every step of the creative process! It's wonderful to create something that wasn't there before. These creative thoughts are born in me, and I can turn these thoughts into visual identities, logos, websites, and social media post templates.

And what's even more satisfying is that I help other entrepreneurs flourish their online presence with these creative ideas! It's incredible how inspiring it is when our clients click and say, "That's exactly what I had in mind, perfect!"

My strength is thinking in a complete system, quick recognition of problems, and their effective management.

I believe that with thoroughness and dedication, we can always find the best possible solution!

I have been interested in the world of computer science and programming since I was twelve years old. Over the years, I have constantly learned various programming languages in high school, college, and numerous short and long courses.

After many years of offline software development, I switched to web design and front-end programming in 2008. During the years, I have also become familiar with the online world, including ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS technologies. I have also gained experience in other areas related to the web world, such as CRM, Google Analytics and other measurement tools integration, email and online payment system integration.

I have gained work experience as a development manager in project management and as a managing director in managing businesses.

The world of computer science and programming is constantly changing, which is why continuous learning and self-education are essential. I believe that every new knowledge can be acquired with patience and perseverance!

My strength is systematic problem-solving, precise understanding of customer needs, and finding optimal solutions.



It doesn't matter if you're not quite sure what you want yet or if you have some questions that you're unsure about. We're here to help you navigate and provide you with exactly what you need!

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