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Mona Moon – A logo for an amazing woman!


Mona Moon – woman, mother, dancer, instructor, facilitator.

Teaching belly dance and performing, offering Zumba classes, and assisting mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal. All of this fits perfectly into the life of one person, Mónika Beczkó.

Keywords: care, trust, help, teaching and learning, stability, reliability, joyful, stress-free, healthy life, experiencing and awakening female energies.

„I transformed my own pain and trauma into healing energy.”

What person would your business be if it were a person?

„Guardian angel – invisible helper, supporter, develops individual’s own competencies, strengthens their self-belief.”

What would be the object that represents your business and why?

„A mirror. Because my primary goal is to strengthen their confidence in their bodies, babies, instincts, and maternal competence, that is, putting themselves in the foreground. Dance helps to accept and see my students as beautiful, thus helping to build self-confidence.”

My tasks:

Logo design


The process of design

I could already tell during our introductory conversation that we had so many things in common! That’s why I felt really connected to Móni’s businesses and personality. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful, strong woman who doesn’t let pain or adversity break her, but instead uses them to become even more resilient and channels that energy into helping others.

After the introductory conversation, Móni received a detailed questionnaire from me regarding her business and herself, which she completed very conscientiously. This formed the basis of the brief for the logo design.

After I finished the brief, I asked Móni for a few days of patience, as creative processes cannot be rushed. Fortunately, she understood this perfectly, as choreography creation works in a similar way.

There was no question that Móni needed an „Personal Branding”! Although dance, zumba, and helping mothers are different activities, they are closely linked by Móni’s personality. That’s why I created logo designs that are suitable for posters promoting Móni’s performances, flyers promoting her dance classes, and embroidered workwear worn while helping mothers.

After working out the three logo designs in Adobe Illustrator, I presented them to Moni in a video conference as a PDF document. I explained in detail which element symbolizes what and why it was included in the logo. I sent her the presented document so she could think about it at her own pace. Finally, she chose the logo shown here, where the circle represents togetherness, mutual support, stability, and helpfulness, and the ginkgo leaves represent strength, teaching and eternal learning, trust, and joy.

The first logo was not created with this font, but Móni requested a modification and ultimately chose this rounded font, which harmonizes well with the outlines of the graphic. Additionally, it strengthens stability, constancy, and reliability.

The Moon wordmark features a color-filled second ‘o’ that perfectly matches the outline of the graphic. It also symbolizes the full moon, which represents the female form and alludes to Móni’s business of helping women.


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