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MUSICCO – Webpage for a newly debuting music studio


The MUSICCO is a newly formed music studio created from an old barn.

Brand description: It is the ideal location for sophisticated instrumental music, with perfect acoustics and air-conditioned studios, welcoming musicians and producers from all over the country and neighboring countries.

Keywords: contemporary art, popular music, lively, sophisticated, classic, instrumental music, quality.

They request a responsive introduction website that perfectly communicates the message of their brand for the upcoming market launch.

„We want a very 21st-century website.”

They have a logo with black, white, and red as the main colors. They insist on using the #DD0015 (Monza) color.

My tasks:

Creating monochrome versions of the logo (black and Monza red)

Webdesign – A mobile-optimized, one-page website plan with internal anchors.


Color Palette



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